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Digital Gardening RSS-as-a-Service

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I've been collecting a bunch of RSS feeds to help me stay on top of the 'digital gardening'. These are mostly blogs, community and related tool sites.

I've spent hours doing this. Researching and curating.

It's the method I use to keep on top of everything without relying on the ineffectiveness of social media and newsletters.

What's included?

A few RSS feeds as a URL to use in your RSS reader, covering:

  • all things digital gardening, note-taking, second brain-y
  • Roam
  • Notion
  • Obsidian

What it does not include:

  • an RSS reader, you'll need one. I use BazQux Reader. Feedly is an option too. Find one that suits your needs.
  • it's not necessarily complete and it can get busy, I will constantly curate this in the background. Updating with new things, removing what is no longer relevant.

How do I use it?

  • stick the URL(s) in an RSS reader
  • use the RSS reader on a regular basis, ideally before social media
  • scan it and click on the things of interest
  • there are no algorithms, it's purely latest published post appears at the top.

But why should I use it?

  • if all thing digital gardening and second brain-ing interests you then you'll get lots of news and articles at your finger tips
  • I love and geek out on all these things and am in the process of building my own community digital garden
  • you'll thank me later with the time you save and the people you can find.

Can I recommend a source?

Yes! Drop me an email or a DM on Twitter and I will review it. I can't promise to add it though.

But will you maintain it?

My plan is to continually maintain it and maybe later turn it into an annual recurring payment, but who knows what the future will hold.

For now as a 'believer' it's a small one-off fee.

Pricing starts at $20 and will go up after the first 10 sales.

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Available on May 31, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Digital Gardening RSS-as-a-Service

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